The Check list for the show “Fly”

We borrow experience from the airline industry and implement it into the show.

In contrast with technical production, where most of the things are typically done and checked by memory or using any notes, the aviation industry approaches to all stages of production comprehensively and has specific forms with all the points that are important to check. This applies to both production and exploitation.
Each producer provides a checklist for verification of all settings and the start.

For instance – Boeing company. 

In case of technical production, a producer is a person developing or programming a show file (sound, light, video, etc.)

 I’ve created a small checklist based on the example the lightning show files of the tour show in order to forget nothing when I’m in a charge of a new project or when I am working as a console operator.

Empty cells, which are on the right of the name of the preset, indicate that the preset contains data for this group of fixtures (groups of fixtures are indicated in the line above.) Optionally, you can mark corrected presets in empty cells.

Tagged items indicate that this preset does not belong to this group of fixtures.

Presets are arguably the most important and major part that will be necessary to correct when you are working with the programmed show. Especially when there is a replacement of fixtures in different cities.

This applies not only to presets, but also to sequences, settings, and so on…

The checklist can be used not only for understanding which group requires to be corrected in the preset. It may contain the instruction that explains and demonstrate what should be in the preset or how it ought to look correctly.

Symbol “+” is opposite each preset that reveals the line with an explanation or demonstration how this preset should look like.

Depending on the show, each checklist will differ in structure. This applies to all disciplines (sound, light, video, etc.), oriented for work with the show file or for necessary actions on the venue that are important not to forget.

Please, do not hesitate to add and send your variations and ideas. 

I share my version of the file with you.