The control room or FOH ( Front of House )

The importance of the proper location of FOH at private events.

Organizers of events frequently like to hide all technical staff from the audience and place FOH anywhere to make sure it is not visible:

– Under the stage
– Backstage  
– On the side of the stage 
– In the adjoining room

However, it is necessary to place FOH in the centre
( opposite the stage. )

Why do I need FOH in the middle? 

1. Setting positions.
You can set a console as needed in the centre of the room during setting positions and programming. Nowadays, many lighting consoles have remote access via a smartphone. If you take a WI-FI router on the project it can also help with setting positions and configuration. However, there are some nuances that should not be forget.  Singers often forget in an outburst of emotions that they have to stay at a point where one effect or another works on them. In such cases, it is necessary to quickly correct the situation by correcting the position.

2. Front lighting and back light. 
In order to set the brightness and select the light temperature correctly, it requires to see the light at the facilities of illumination.
For instance, one song has a large screen with bright content. You intend to add brightness to the front lighting and back lighting. And the next solo song is in the solo spot. The brightness of the back and front light ought to be turned down exactly here.

3. How to understand the perception of the audience on light scenes and effects.
In order to impact on people’s emotions with light-based tools (light effect, light flash, etc…), it requires to understand what the audience pay their attention. 
In some cases, you have to know exactly whether the light is blinding the audience sitting in the hall or to figure out whether the audience feel comfortable.

In order to perceive the show as a member of the audience
you need to be one of them!

Perhaps, you have already thought about many “BUT”…
– Technical stuff look unkempt
– The control room looks homely, with many wires and so on.
– Newlywed or VIP guests or all at once sit across from the stage.

Tell to the company or employees what the dress code is.
The classic outfit is preppy black clothing. Every company that is really taking to their work professionally or a self-respecting professionals will not refuse you in this.

FOH should look clean at private events. 
It is a good idea to set a curtain made from a black fabric or any other colour which is suitable for the room design. Mostly, black is the best solution as it does not reflect light, and thus does not stand out. Occasionally, one of the supplementary solutions may be a “light curtain” that will deflect attention away from FOH and hide it in the dark.

If it is not possible to place FOH directly in front of the stage, I try to follow the next system of placement’s priority

2 – At the edges of the hall, opposite the stage
3 – On the balcony, opposite the stage
4 – On a side of the stage

Occasionally, added to this is a decor, which places around FOH and then leaves a small window.It is sad to see, FOH turns out as a separate room, almost without a view, and does not allow you to properly control the equipment.

Especially when a lot of money was spent on the equipment to make each detail of the event more alluring and comfortable.
If the abovementioned situation can not be avoided and you have thought out planning options all to the last detail and held many negotiations by trying to clarify wrong position of FOH. In this case, you need to provide a view by using cameras and monitors on FOH. It is desirable for each employee.

Set a large monitor with the views of the cameras. ( Multiview )

1 – General plan of the stage
2 – Close-up of the stage
3 – Overall plan of the hall

In the case of working with music, you ought to remember that the light is arts and crafts
Do not forget when you change the location of FOH, you should set the sound in FOH.

Sound nuances can be solved by using personal systems of ear monitoring “in-ear ” with an individual mix or sound monitors for each member of FOH team.

It is a good idea to place individual sound mixer with a person who will monitor the mix of FOH team or withdraw the necessary channels on small sound mixer for each member ( in similar conditions for a drummer ) so that everyone can set up a convenient sound.